Sunday, May 6, 2007

An AQR Mountain Biking high

An AQR Mountain Biking high
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There is one thing I hate about mountain biking....and that's when you miss out on a truly awesome epic of an adventure. Then to top it all off your husband doesn't stop raving about the experience. Then you eat dinner with guests who also continue raving about the epic ride. It's such a horrible feeling, worse than 10 minute killer hill intervals that my coach Matt Hart added to my training this week.

I don't usually whinge, but this is an exception. I hate missing out on single track, especially when it started in the snow above 1900 metres. In my life time, being an aussie, snow is only seen on television. But no matter what I said Ian wouldn't let me guide today as I have an important race next weekend and he knew it was going to be a long day in the saddle. I begged, I pleaded, I threatened never to repair inner tubes again....but there was no changing Mr Potter's mind.

So I stormed off to tackle my training. My intervals were better than expected today, as I imagined every pedal stroke was Ian's head :) Matt not only helps me prepare physically, but believes in the power of the mind...and boy did my mind give me power today!

By the end of my training session all was forgiven though, as I discovered a piece of singletrack that has just appeared. It definitely wasn't there last season. There is nothing better than finding a new trail and being the first tyre mark etched into the ground.

But I still suffered at dinner time, as my little trail was nothing in comparison to Ian's ride today.


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