Sunday, January 20, 2008

Post Merry Xmas and Happy New Year...

I have been meaning to sit down and type a new blog since the Xmas and New Year festivities have ended. In fact my 2008 New Year's resolution was going to be - to remember to write a weekly blog and to remember my parent's and friend's will have to be my 2009 resolution now as my mum reminded me that it was Dad's birthday last week and this is my first blog of 2008 (three weeks late). Sorry and apologies to my Dad, but I promise that from today, January 20th, I will remember all birthdays and type a regular blog about all my biking antics and Potter will all just have to remind me when your birthday is so I know to send you a card.
So here is my first blog of 2008. Firstly a very Happy New Year to all. 2008 is already on the move and soon it will be my 30th birthday (just so you know, March 5th), an adult at long last. Turning 30 is the start of a new decade, and a new biking focus. I have never really had a focus, and have always enjoyed taking part in any mountain bike or cycling event that comes my way. I wanted to see if I could ride a bike for 24hrs so I tried a solo 24hr race five times; I wanted to see if I could race fast so had a crack at XC in the UK and Oz; I also liked the idea of racing across the Alps, so took on the Transalp Challenge. I have challenged myself to a cyclo cross race, an endurance down hill and a time trial. I have loved every single adventure and have met fantastic people along the way. However I now have a new focus and that is to be the best mountain biker I can be. The challenge is to beat my husband Ian Potter fair and more letting air out of his tyres (just don't tell him I told you). I also want to wheely properly, and have been spending countless hours in the local park trying in vain to keep the back wheel on the balancing point. I want to do drop offs that are bigger than 4 feet and ride on my front wheel round steep switchbacks. I want to dance on my pedals and not ride like a brick when nerves take over my brain. So the only way to ensure I become the best I can be is to announce to the world that I Kate Potter am determined to be more than just a pedal head. I love riding my bike, and could ride all day, but I want to look flash and not just someone who can ride round in circles for hours on end. So I'm going to keep you informed of my progress....bruises and all. So don't forget to check my weekly progress.
Now that I have my New Year's resolution out in the open, it's time to focus on my first race of 2008....The Oz National Championships. Tomorrow Ian and I leave for Mount Stromlo, the land of sun burn and flies, but where the trails are literally super hot, super challenging and super fun. I have included some photos above to give you an idea of the area. Mount Stromlo is where the 2009 mountain bike world championships are going to be held. I checked the trails out a month ago and know it will be a tough course, tough competition, but am looking forward to the challenge.
Will keep you posted....cheerios KPxo

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