Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sorry I had to have a little moment.....I'm about to turn 30. Tomorrow is the big day where I kiss my 20 some things goodbye. I thought I would be able to spend today making the most on my 29th year, but I have so much news to report on and so many fantastic adventures that deserve a mention that the rest of the day will be spent typing my little heart out. Just so you know why I have been slacking on my writing duties the last couple of weeks, this is what Ms Potter has been getting up to since her last race in Oz all those weeks ago. Below is the prologue to a dozen reports that will be coming your way soon -

February 1-2 AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL POINT SERIES Rnd 4 - This race continues to keep a smile on my face as I think of the fast flowy single track, drop offs, north shore and rock gardens that tested the XC racers. One of the most techy courses I have raced, and a course that I simply loved from start to finish. My favourite race course yet, and a great result too on board my looooovely Cotic Soda. Stay tuned as report will be up shortly....

February 20-28 TORQ TRAINING CAMP - 8 days of sunshine, and close to 40hrs of quality riding. Body feels nicely knackered which is the result my coach Matt wanted. Nice steady miles with 28 other riders and an occasional blast to take on the faster lads. A report filled with crazy TORQ tuned adventures and a few hits of caffeine along the way that will hopefully entice other riders out there to get on their bikes and pedal! Report to follow soon....

March 1 AQR LADY (and their Lads) DAY - What a day! 30 lovely ladies and their lads took part in a day of mountain bike skills coaching, trail side maintenance and bike set up. COTIC and TREK bikes were available to test ride and our favourite camera lady Joolze Dymond offered a photography workshop. Ian, Paul, and I were joined by members of the AQR Race Team to show participants how they can improve their skills simply by focusing on the basics. Many thanks to my dearest friend Abie, who not only races for AQR, but is a trained mechanic who helped the ladies and their partners understand more about trail side maintenance and bike set up. Check out the TREK website for a little article about the event.

March 2 - COTIC BIG DAY OUT - Another day out for Cotic owners and Cotic 'want to be owners' who came along and tested the range of Cotic bikes on show. AQR guided the group around the fast and flowing trails at Sherwood Pines, and showed off some of the new exciting trails in development that weave in and out of the trees. Passers by couldn't help but gasp at the number of Cotic riders whizzing by with huge smiles on their faces. A great day out with the sun following us around all day.

*So that is what I have been up to the past few weeks, including training every day and running the AQR office. It has been quite a hectic few weeks, but tomorrow for my birthday I'm supposedly being spoilt...all I know is that I'm not allowed to wear any cycling kit and I have to dress like a lady, but Ian has also said that I'm allowed to take my running shoes....so fingers crossed Ian was only joking when he said I have to get dressed up and wear a skirt or dress...as I would much rather ride my bike or go for a run...easy pleased me.

The Potter's continue to be busy over the next 6 weeks with more crazy mountain bike events to look forward to, including the AQR Easter weekend in Shropshire which is almost full. Only two place left if you fancy coming along for a good laugh and some of our favourite trails in Shropshire. Ian and I will both be at the Outdoors Show, where you will find us on the TREK stand as guest speakers on 15-16 March. Loved to see you all if you can come along for that one. I will also be introducing you all to the AQR Race Team who will be racing on....COTIC SODA RACE BIKES. Photos and info about the team will be posted shortly. There is just so much news that my finger tips are starting to wear away from all this typing lark. I must dash as my bike is calling me, as it's time for a few hours on the bike before the sun sets.
I promise to have the first of many reports up soon.
Keep smiling...KPxo

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