Friday, April 18, 2008

Houffalize, Belgium World Cup 1.

I promised you all that I would have finished my first UK race report by now. Well I have actually finished it, but I can't find it. Yes Miss Potter is as disorganised as ever. I'm quite frustrated because I was quite proud of this report. So I'm going to keep looking for it, but also let you know that I have alot of racing coming up and travelling and will do my best to write reports and post them when I can.
Right now I'm in Houffalize, Belgium for the first world cup of the 2008 season. The course is great because my Soda rides everything....I simply hang on and giggle. The course has some steep climbing and super steep descents, and even though there has been snow and rain, the course is pretty grippy, just have to watch those darn tree roots. There are some super good riders here, such as world champ Julian Absalon who I tried to chase down, but didn't want to get in his way.
I also raced last weekend in Mutrenz, Switzerland for my first Swiss Power Cup. Fantastic experience and I managed a top ten finish to claim 9th overall. I'm half way through that report so will post it fact better get on with it as I'm racing every weekend now over the next month so don't want to fall behind in my writing duties.
Cheerios for now

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