Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Next Racing Quadrangle

Well my little lonesome altitude training camp on top of the Superbagneres in Luchon is over and suddenly I find myself in the middle of my next racing quadrangle. I’m afraid I’m a little bit behind in the blogging and KP race report department. My typing has slowed down, in fact my fingers are turning flabby and starting to loose their muscle tone. I’ve been neglecting my typing duties of late due to the constant travelling, racing and living out of a suit case syndrome. I try and make a little time each day to add something to my blog, but half the time end up staring at the laptop screen not knowing where to start. I’m not suffering from writers block, no not me…I don’t think that will ever be the case with Mrs Potter…actually make that Ms Potter otherwise you will start calling me Beatrix. No I’m suffering from a condition I’ve called ‘blogged out’. This is a condition when you suffer from ‘experience overload’, when you can’t work out which part of the experience to write about first. As a result you have a million memories that are all fighting for space on the page. If I allow every single wonderful, horrible, tiring and exciting mountain biking experience space on the page I think my ‘little’ reports would turn into a novel…and even I would drive myself crazy with my mountain biking ramblings.

I have been trying to start my race report from the fourth round of the world cup cross country series that was held in Andorra two weeks ago…but now I have the fifth round to write about since I have just returned from Fort William. But, tomorrow I head to the Lake District for the third round of the British National Series, which I will be writing about next week so long as I can finish the other two race reports. I’m also really excited because I’m going to be a guest rider on the Scott Team at Mountain Mayhem the following weekend, which will definitely require a huge report as I will be racing alongside the one and only Mr Nick Craig…lovely chap…not a bad rider either :) Then it’s back to Luchon for a really busy four weeks of AQR guiding and the Tour de France which will be passing through Luchon again…. Phew! So as I was saying it’s time to start writing these race reports…I promise to finish them soon and will include photos….I just need to get a grip and sort out all these experiences whirling through my mind, so I don't bore you to tears with my blogging. In the mean time don't forget to get out on your bike and make the most of the summer days, so you too can suffer from 'experience overload'

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