Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Potters head to the Cycle Show 2008

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Ian and I have been on holiday for a week. I hate holidays! This holiday has involved paper work and moving house....grrrrr! We have spent a week glued to the computer to ensure our accountant is kept happy and we can return to Luchon with all our belongings for a change. I'm in a very grrrr mood because I'm currently nearing the end of my forced time off the bike. At the end of the season I'm always encouraged (well forced) to have time off the bike, complete rest, chill time to recharge the mind, body and soul for the next race season. So if I can't ride my bike, but have to face a computer for endless hours, then I run morning and night. I sneak my running shoes out of the house so Ian doesn't know and I run and run and run. Yes I know I'm an addict, but I thrive on the fresh air and endorphins that come my way. But after 2 weeks of running, sore knees and blisters, I'm ready to start my winter training by bike big time. Ian still harps on to me that I need a proper rest, which apparently means lying around, sitting around and basically not moving with any effort....in other words feeling trapped! I hate rest.....it just makes me moan, whinge, and become a proper pain in the arm.
Anyway I'm all smiles this week because we head down to Earls Court for the London Cycle Show to work on the TORQ stand. Yes I do realise I said work, but this is the really fun and sociable kind of work. I love working at the Cycle Show because it's an opportunity to catch up with biking buddies and meet new biking buddies as well. As always there will be a wonderful TORQ crew on board over the four days. I guarantee we will all be high on Torq because when all the samples of bars, gels, drink are right in front of your eyes, you can't help but keep taste testing the products just to make sure you know which your favourite flavour is.....it's all in the job contract right Matt :)
I hope to see you all there, so please come and say hello and work out which is your favourite flavour too.
Cheerios for now
ps - Thanks to Joolze Dymond I actually have one photo of Ian and I together....with Ian actually smiling. This was taken at Cycle Show 2006.
pss - ian with northern accent 'I dont doo smiling!'

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Ryan Sherlock said...

Hey Kate - Mel and I will be joining you guys on the stand as well. Today is my second day of my forced 'off-season' while Mel is at the start of her second week. (I see the running shoes are wet from last night...)

Anyway - see you guys soon, Mel & Ryan