Saturday, August 29, 2009


I'm almost at the end of the second week of the Australian Institute Training camp here in Canberra. I will be adding my full diary of the experience in the next couple of days, but for now while I wait for my VO2 fitness test I would like to wish my darling husband Ian Potter the happiest of HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes. I'm missing my number one team mate alot and it's always hard when you miss special occasions with those you love. Now I'm trying not to turn this blog into a soppy sad one as absence makes the heart grow fonder and this absence will toughen Ian up who must feel lost without me :)  It must be hard for Ian to be living in a much more orderly household right now without the usual chaos that surrounds my every waking moment. I'm sure he is missing my cooking too and must be wasting away now that he has to eat at the hotel restaurant every night...I mean who would rather eat fine quality three course professionally trained Chef Russel Blake extraordinaire cuisine or my dodgy potato and pea dishes?
I hope you have a wonderful wonderful wonderful birthday Ian!!!!! For those of you out in Luchon who read my blog please give Ian a massive hug from me. I'm sure it will make his day if all you locals and AQR Holidays makers keep hugging my hubby on his special day.
Now back to the KP Adventures Down Under. Tomorrow we move out of the Australian Institute of Sport into Team Oz Headquarters that we will be sharing with the entire 66 athletes and staff from all biking disciplines competing at the World Championships. On Sunday night we have a Team presentation and dinner where we will receive our uniform and race kit. I have never worn the green and gold colours of Australia, so this is rather a special occasion for all of us who have been selected, for many of us it is the first time, which makes it even more special as well as taking baby footsteps into the unknown world of international racing at this level where everyone will be aiming for their best performance of the year.
I must dash as I have to prepare myself for the third VO2 test of the training camp to see if there have been any improvements....fingers crossed!
Cheerios for now


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Johnners said...

"I'm sure it will make his day if all you locals and AQR Holidays makers keep hugging my hubby on his special day"

Well, I've only met Ian for a couple of weeks on AQR holidays but I think I can confidently agree with Kate that he'd love that. A lot.