Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few Words to Kind of Sum up the 2009 Season...and to start the next chapter...2010.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Woopee, Wo Wow! I'm a bit gobsmacked and not really sure where to begin really. This week has been a huge turning point for me as I feel like one biking year has suddenly ended and now it's time to start concentrating on 2010, and Xmas 2009 is still 2 months away. Already the Cotic Bontrager Race Team, consisting of me, myself and I as the one who pedals and breathes out of her backside....plus an amazing support crew who love nothing more then observing the racing XC action and drinking a few beers are on track for 2010. My 2010 Cotic Soda race bike has arrived with extra pop and has even attracted the attention of the cops....oh it is bling! So much so that I almost lost it after the Cycle Show on Sunday evening when some wanna be crims decided to break into Mini Blue (AQR mini bus) and go for a little joy ride....with Cotic's Paul and Kelvin standing a little way off in the distance, it was Kelvin who jumped into action and saved my Soda. Thankyou Kelvin....you are my hero....big hugs when I see you next :)
Although I'm full of enthusiasm for the 2010 racing year ahead, October is the time I am FORCED to hang the wheels up.....and this is the time that the Potter Monster is revealed at her sulking worst. I have been told to take a break from mountain biking, cycling of any kind, running, gym work, swimming....I'm allowed little walks ONLY, and even yoga can only be done in small doses. To make matters worse I had been feeling nautious a few days before the London Cycle Show after picking up some tummy bug Ian passed on to me (I'm now drinking bottled water only)....and I just wanted to sleep all the time...and I hate sleeping. I'm trying really hard to be the perfect athlete, but I hate resting, it's not part of my genetic make up. I have always been the type of person who if I feel ill or tired, then the more exercise I do the merrier. Even when I had glandular fever the only time I felt good was when I dragged myself out of bed to run along the beach. I really am a pain in the knee cap sometimes and my own worst enemy...and yes totally addicted to exercise endorphines. Fortunately for me I have an amazing husband who accepts me for my chaotic and confusing ways and doesn't mind too much that his hair has been falling out since he made his wedding vows 5 years ago.
So I lasted a day and a half at the London Cycle Show before Ian sent me back to Nottingham for some chill out time...and the fact that I was doing his head in. Ian thinks he is my boss (as if....we all know who wears the trousers or should I say who shaves their legs in this relationship :) He is going to kill me, so let's just keep that one to ourselves) But as my so called 'boss', his instructions were to do nothing, no AQR work, no writing (oops), and no work of any kind. But I had other ideas. For me this weekend was all about letting go and saying goodbye to 2009, before peddaling forward and turning my attention to the 2010 biking season. I was disappointed that I missed the entire show, but at least I got to catch up with some of you who made it down on Thursday...sorry I missed those of you who were there on the weekend.....blame Ian :)
I and we (meaning Mr Potter and I) have alot of exciting adventures coming up, both on the racing front and in Luchon with our 2010 AQR adventures that we plan to reveal next week, but for now...to prove to Ian that I haven't been doing too much writing, I thought it best to sum up KP Biking Blog Adventures with a little picture gallery of moments that I will always remember in 2009. So hopefully you should see 12 blogs below with photos that sum up my 2009 Mountain Biking Year...and of course a few words...I always try and keep it short :)
ps - thankyou Joolze Dymond (joolzedymond.com), James Dymond (no relation to Joolze) Mel Spath, Katherine O'Shea, Andy Blaire and Mr Potter for the piccies...very much appreciated.
Cheerios for now

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