Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KP's first movie making experience....titled 'KP VRS THE BOYS'

This is all a bit of an experiment as I have never made a movie before. In fact I have no idea if this will even work...but at least it gives you a little bit of an insight as to how much I'm loving and hurting from cyclo cross...if it works, hopefully it will otherwise this blog has been a bit wasted really.
Cyclo cross really is super fab, and such a great winter work out....and quite a bit of a laugh really when there is so much mud to muck about in....certainly improves the KP complexion and hopefully kills any winter bugs that may be lurking as well, as I have tasted dirt alot lately.
I am now in Belgium preparing for my first cyclo cross world cup this Saturday....I thought it best to throw myself in the deep end after only 6 weeks of racing and riding CX. It's just the boys I have been racing at the Notts & Derby local league have been far too nice...fancy apologising to me for thinking they have got in my way....look boys I'm used to elbows, terrible language and even some punches in the back side....but if you do that Ian might not be happy :)
Anyway I will write a report very soon...it's just I keep entering races, and I now have a backlog of 7 reports to write, plus this world cup this weekend, plus this awesome training camp I'm on right now....so here's the deal I shall write a report with chapters in case I go on, so that you fully understand just how cool this cyclo crossing lark is and hopefully it may entice you to taste some winter mud too.
Right must dash...it's food time.
Cheerios for now

Message from kate potter:

Click on a video below to watch it:

Notts & Derby R8 KP vrs the boys :)
Video Length 2:49
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graham bird said...

This is rubbish, rule No 1 when making video's/film's use a proper camera!! That said it was lovely to see you on the cross bike. Was talking to Adela Carter (bloody hell she's fast) on Sunday at round 6 of the Yorkshire Points we reckon you need a bit more practice yet, then you could be.... well quite good. Keep it up and good luck with the big boys or should that be big girls in Belgium.

graham bird said...

Have just managed to watch it through media player, it plays much better. I take back my previous comment. Also have shared with some of the Yorkshire Cross boys who race Notts and Derby hope you don't mind.

Kate Potter said...

You can blame Ian for the video footage, but I was quite proud of myself for actually having the patience to read the instructions so that I could create a movie....as technological gadgets do my head in. My family don't know what cyclo cross is, and have only seen me ride a bike twice in my life, so this is why I want to make some KP biking movies, so my Aussie family actually know where I am and what I'm up to. I ballsed the national cyclo cross race up at Mallory a couple of weeks ago as some how ripped tyre in first 300m of race and thought that I would destroy wheels if I rode on the rim so was a bit slow at the start :) But all the Notts and Derby and a Lincolnshire race have been really good fun and great courses. Cyclo cross is definitely taking the boredom factor out of my mountain bike off season. Hoped to see you at an event Graham, but you will have to wait until next September/October now as I'm staying put in the French Pyrenees for a couple of months as I haven't been home since July. Keep in touch mate KPxo

Eldrik said...

Hi Kate/Ian - it's great to see your first racing video on the blog site. That Cotic looks great...

graham bird said...

Don't blame you for wanting to go home, I complain if I have to travel beyond Yorkshire for a race never mind every corner of the globe. I have my eye on next years Bagneres De Luchon To Super Bagneres uphill running race in June so I'm gonna have to combine it with some Mountain Biking with Mr Potter me thinks. Have Fun.


andy said...

Sick movie kate. I want to get a cross bike too!

graham bird said...

Forgot to apologies for not making any Nott's and Derby races. It's very rare I get a Saturday off work. I would have loved to have raced against you. Some time maybe.

graham bird said...

Kate what happened, what went wrong?

Kate Potter said...

Howdy Mate, if you are talking about the world cup then my stomach and back seized up on first lap so very gutted as couldn't race properly. I think it's sciatica which I used to get when I was a runner. BUT I still loved the training camp and overall experience. Learnt a tonne. Just frustrated that it happened because it was always going to be a tough race....so quite unfair that my darn body decides to make it even harder for me :) Anyway 'I will be back!!!' But I think that might be my last cross race this season as I think I'm back to off season training for MTB. But will definitely try cross next year as it's more fun that I thought it would be.

graham bird said...

Sorry to hear about that. Glad you enjoyed yourself though despite the race.