Tuesday, May 4, 2010

On the mend...

Howdy All,

Just a quick update before my internet time runs out here in Offenburg, Germany.

I have had a pretty rough few weeks, but am finally starting to find some life in my body and my glands have started to deflate at long last. Dalby World Cup should have finished for me on the Thursday before the race even started when I had 4 amazing laps and told everyone that no matter what happens to me on Sunday what will be will be, but Im loving the single track and cant wait to start the race. I was filling at one on the course and very excited that I would be part of a world cup in England for the first time. I loved all the technical apsects that joined the rolling single track and tough climbs that you expect from any world cup course experience.

Then the following two days of pre race training I felt low, really tired and my chest cold symptoms raised their ugly evil heads again. I dont like to admit when Im not 100 %, but every night I wasnt sleeping properly and I started getting this strange shaky feeling in my chest which I have never experienced before. I hoped it was all in my brain and tried to remind myself that often when the racing adrenaline hits full throttle that I would be fine and ready to roll on race day.

Unfortunately I struggled from the word go and my breathing, or lack of breath made me feel wobbly and shaky on the bike. I dont quit races if Im having a bad day, as I just treat it as training and remind myself that part of training is teaching ones brain to get used to the discomfort that is all part of racing. But then it got silly when I crashed on an easy fire road bend simply because I did not have the strength to ride my bike properly. I knew I was doing myself no favours trying to finish a race that would more than likely finish me off if I kept going.

At the beginning of my fourth lap I pulled in to the pits where Ian was waiting for me and I made the decison to quit. I hate that word, and it is only the second time in KP racing history that I have quit a race. I felt bad in so many ways, and am still cursing myself for catching a cold so close to this race.

Anyway I will add my next two race reports up this week...but just to add a little happiness and spark to this oh so dull blog I managed to finish the second world cup in Belgium on the weekend which was my main goal or rather Potter Priority. I also achieved my second goal which was not to get lapped out and was surprised to see that my lap times got alot quicker with a good final lap where I overtook alot of riders to get a 65th position, which under the circumstances Im happy with for now. Im definitely on the mend and starting to get some strength and confidence back...so now Im taking one day at a time and hope to be back up to full speed sooner rather than later.

Thanks for everyones support at the Dalby world cup and all the cheers at Houffalize last weekend (thanks so much Rudy, Belgium national coach, you helped me dig deep). All the support definitely helped me get up those tough muddy climbs. Also thanks to those really lovely British guys at Houffalize who came and spoke to me after the race and the nice messages I have received from people since Dalby. It makes me realise why I love racing as I meet so many awesome people and make new found friends along the way who make all the bad races still worthwhile.

Will be back soon with a bit more spark.

Cheerios for now

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