Monday, April 30, 2007

Bonjour from Luchon

The Potters have finally arrived back home to their favourite trails in Luchon. Our AQR guiding packs have been checked over, the bike store has been given a spring clean and the Cotic bike fleet is shining bright. I have combined a week of solid training in the mountains, while at the same time checking out the trails to ensure they're ready to roll on as A Quick Release Holidays is officially open for the guiding season this Sunday. I can't express in words how wonderful it is to be back on the bike in the mountains, especially in France where cyclists are adored. The only problem here in Luchon is what bike to ride. Both the mountain biking and road riding is truly amazing. Ian and I decided our first ride would be our local loop that drops down by the hotel. It starts on a short steep fire road trail, before a gentle piece of single track beneath the trees. Then there are three short technical corners that are great to practice your skills on, as there are different lines you can take to make it easier or harder to clear. As always Ian tries to challenge moi, and we have a short session to see who will be King or Queen of the trail today. I decided to let Ian win this one, as I hate to see a grown man cry :)

The trail then climbs gently before we turn off on to a trail we call 'New New'. I don't know why we call it 'New New', but the name has stuck. This trail is hardly ever used by other people, as it's well hidden. However it is simply divine, and zig zags along the mountain side over rocks and roots. Once you reach the end of this section then it's all down hill. and this is where a smile never leaves your face. Except of course if your husband punctures, and then you forget to tell your husband that you took his guiding pump without asking (gulp), and then realise at the worst possible moment that you forgot to put it back where you found it (double gulp). So our lovely little ride turned into a lovely long walk back down some our favourite single track. I felt bad so I walked beside Ian, thinking my company would cheer him up. I was wrong, especially when it started to rain...alot. In the end I just had to ride, as the roller coaster (another one of our trails) is just too good to be walked on. An hour later we returned to the hotel where it was sunny and bright.

Well I had fun, and I will include some photos shortly, as soon as I work out how to use Ian's camera. Perhaps I should ask him if I can use it first :)

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