Thursday, April 19, 2007

My first official BLOG

I have always been very scared of internet technology. Not that I'm against change in any mean or form. It's just every time I leave the UK and spend time guiding, training or racing in other countries I lose track of time. Suddenly 6 months later when I return to teaching in high schools during the off season, I end up the pupil, as my students show off their latest mobile phone gadgets...mine is three years old and too big to be even shown in public.

But now thanks to the brilliant IT minds of Cotic dudes Cy and Kelvin I am a blogger, well I plan to be a regular blogger. Which means to those of you who are mildly interested (Mum that better be you), I will not only be posting the latest reports on racing for the Cotic Bontrager Race Team, but also regular blogs on anything and everything. I hope to share with you the awesome Pyrenean adventures that I, along with hubby Ian get up to. I will include training experiences, good and bad; day to day life as a mountain bike guide for A Quick Release Holidays, which I must say is always good and anything else that tickles my fancy.

So to all of you who thought I was living in the technological dark ages, 'let there be light', as I Kate Potter now know how to use this blogging thing :)

Thankyou Cy and Kelvin for all your time, patience and help.


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