Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Home is where the mountains are....

Since my last race at Sherwood Pines I have been focusing on recovery time more so than racing or training, as I caught a bug and it just wouldn't fly away (darn it). I have been surrounded by the beautiful Pyrenean mountains and my trusty Cotic Soul has been eager for adventure, but unfortunately the body has not been so ready for rock and roll riding. This has also meant I was unable to go to Germany for the second cross country world cup, which I was gutted about, as I was looking forward to the challenge. However after making it through the mudfest of the second round of the British Mountain Bike Series, I was determined to race at Margam Park.

As always it was a brilliant weekend, and I was so pleased that Ian let me fly over for it. I had no speed in the legs, but was feeling alot perkier and really enjoyed being back on the bike. A race report will be posted shortly, so I shan't reveal too much of the race action but it was a good weekend for the Cotic Bontrager Race Team. Thankyou to Paul, Jane, Joolze and Dave who supported me all weekend, I really appreciated your help.

Just so you know, for those of you who are interested, my next major challenge is finishing Mountain Mayhem as a 24 hour soloist on the weekend of 23-24 June. It certainly will be an epic adventure, especially since Pat Adams and his Mayhem Team will be celebrating 10 years of Mountain Mayhem. I'm really excited....and as always terrified about the adventure ahead, but like all past events it will be a huge one. So if you have nothing planned then make sure you check it out and come down and say hello.

Until then I will be making the most of life out here in the Pyrenees, which I can now truly call home. Ian has given me time off from guiding duties, so that I can just focus on training and preparing for the 24 hour battle that awaits me.

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