Friday, November 21, 2008

KP riding Luchon single track.

I love holidays!!!!! One of my jobs is to run a holiday company....A Quick Release may have heard of it :)
But It's November time and we Potters are on our own AQR-Luchon Holiday. This month has been amazing. In the past we have returned to the UK or Australia during Autumn, but never again! Sorry family, but Autumn is stunning. I love summer, but I'm afraid I'm loving Autumn and have decided it's my favourite mountain biking season of the year. The trees have turned golden and there are leaves, deep golden crunchy leaves across most of the lower trails. I had a clumbsy fall from the bike the other day, and it was such a soft landing. I was swimming in the leaves....or rather drowning in the leaves as Ian thought it would be really funny to keep pushing me over everytime I picked myself up.
It's quite surreal riding the bikes every day, both off road and on road, but looking up at Superbangeres (1820m) to see plenty of snow settled. I have never lived in a ski resort before during winter. I was always a fan of sunshine and beaches. I can't believe I can still ride my bike, go running and enjoy what I do in the summer time, but from December 5th onwards I can also go skiiing and snow boarding too. Although Ian's not letting me try either this year because of my dodgy knee....but I will be building snow men and going snow shoeing for sure with Helen, who is our new AQR guide this winter. I can't wait to finally experience proper snow, and apparently snow shoeing is an amazing work out, so here's to strong legs and awesome views of the Pyrenees.

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