Sunday, April 12, 2009

QUICK UPDATE ON WORLD CUP 1 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

I'm just sending a quick update on my performance at the first world cup of the 2009 mountain bike season. I finished 32nd! Which means I will be gridded 32nd at the next round in Germany. So it makes a change from being gridded last and having to force my way through the crowds in front of me. This is a huge relief because last year at the Offenburg world cup course there were over 120 ladies on the starting grid and I was gridded as number 101.

However I'm not over the moon with my performace. I don't really know how to describe this result because on the one hand it is my best finish at world cup level, in fact one position better than my best result last year when I finished
33rd at Fort William. I missed Olympic shadow squad and world champs selection by 54 seconds, but I was still ecstatic because I knew I had improved at every race and I never thought I would be good enough to finish in the 30's at my first year of world cup racing. So I finish one place better this year at the start of the season, and I'm quite disapointed with myself.

The truth is I was absolutely exhausted from the word go, in fact I have been tired since arriving here late Wednesday afternoon. I feel sleep deprived and have struggled with the heat and humidity. In hind sight I should have arrived here much earlier to acclimatize to the conditions, but I wanted to race the first round of the UK National Series and I could only get a flight on the Tuesday night. So part of my brain is really annoyed that I felt flat as a tack, but then another part of my Potter brain keeps reminding me that I have achieved some of my race goals. I didn't get lapped, I beat my numer plate of 66, I'm one place higher than 2008's best result, and all Neil asked of me was to aim for a top 40 finish....I'm still annoyed though because I hate feeling tired when I ride my bike, it takes the fun out of it and makes me feel really dopey....yes more dopey than normal. When I'm tired I can't push myself as hard as I want to which takes the fun out of racing. It has wound me up big time though for the second world cup, where I will have a week to train and rest properly without any long flights or travelling of any kind.
I plan to add my race report early next week, with photos too you will be pleased to know. In fact if I get myself all packed and ready today for out departure tomorrow, I may just get the report up tomorrow....better crack to it.
Cheerios for now

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