Sunday, October 10, 2010


They say a picture says a 1000 words.....well if this weather keeps up I won't have time to type in usual KP endurance length style....I will just have to keep adding pics along the way.
Ian and I have been AQR guiding nearly every week since we returned from the World Champs in Canada. I have always loved Autumn out here in Luchon, well to tell you the truth I say that about all the seasons...yes I'm a complusive liar when it comes to my thoughts on the weather because I love all conditions (even the mud believe it or not). Every weather condition and seasonal change offers different challenges to those mountain bikers who ride all year round, that be us Mr Potter on our faithful Cotic steeds, no time to stop there are too many exciting trails to ride or splatter yourself on.....yippeee!!!!!.....If you open your ears you might just hear Mr P crying out for help in the far off Pyrenean mountainside.
Poor Ian was relieved when I started feeling better again, but unfortunately my energy levels have skyrocketed and keep on improving (much to my grin factor), but much to the change in Ian's forehead frown line which is deepening on a daily basis.
When I grew up in Sydney I missed out on such defined seasonal changes like you have here in Europe. In Oz you have the choice of dry, warm, stinking hot, humid days, with the occasional wet breezy day thrown in every now and then. Now my life in the Pyrenean mountains consists of 4 seasonal variations depending on the time of year....
I love Winter here in Luchon because the snow on the mountain peaks are simply magical. If I want to ride in the snow I can, but if not there are still plenty of trails that are dry and ready to roll on with white capped mountain top views all the way up, and little glimpses of the snowy mountains every now and then on the way down. 
Then Spring warmth hits the area in April and suddenly the mountains turn varying shades of green and all the magical crisp colours of Spring return, as well as the baby animals that you often see or hear within the trees.
Summer is another favourite because it is finally hot enough to sit back in the river that winds through the valley as the glacial waters promote healing power to one's overused legs, but also the trails within the trees offer an escape from the sun's rays as the temperature drops the higher you climb and the mountain thermals create a cooling effect all over.
Now for AUTUMN, I'm excited about Autumn because I'm in the midst of it right now and boy has it been a wonderful season in Luchon so far. The trees are turning a sparkling golden colour and the trails are soooooooooooooo empty, besides those red squirrels skipping about and Pyrenean birds hovering overhead.....oh and those AQR tyres flying by as we Potters have been hitting the trails with full force as we are still guiding and loving every moment of our long days in the saddle.
I'm so happy to be back in the guiding seat. Every day is filled with biking high adventure and descents that go on and on and on..... Even though I know this area well, I still don't get bored or even disapointed when one season ends and the next begins. So as I tell Mr Potter we must make the most of the mountains every minute we time to sleep as I say......
.....So the other day on our only day off from guiding I dragged Ian out for a day long hike up to the Porte de Venasque from Hospice de France. It was spectacular! Although my husband could try and show a little happiness with some facial changes every now and then because he always looks in pain for some reason?!?
Anyway I must dash as there are trails calling my name....enjoy Autumn wherever you are in Europe....I know I am :)

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Richard said...

I'm jealous on so many different levels I can't count them. ...

I do love the photos.