Wednesday, October 20, 2010

STEP BY STEP.....learning the art of patience.

Well the last AQR guiding week of the Summer season has finished, but there is no time for our own Potter holiday in Luchon, no sirree!!! Although the legs are having a little bit of time off the bike, well Ian's legs are....he has decided that the next two weeks it's time for him to learn the art of patience before the Autumn and Winter guiding weeks commence.
Ian is building the Potters a staircase....not just a little staircase....we Potters don't do we are, or rather Ian is (I have been banned from the house) building a double decker spiral staircase. It's a barrel of laughs at the moment in the Potter household as Ian overdoses on coffee and I try not to fall off the ladders that join each floor.....not great for someone who suffers mild vertigo :)
Anyway the bikes have taken over the lounge and to wash the dishes I have to climb over a huge piece of wood, and the whole downstairs area is a little bit of an obstacle course at the moment with tools and machinery everywhere....BUT it's all part of the Potter adventures. If only the weather wasn't so brilliant right now as I have to sneak in little training rides so as not to upset Mr P who I know is missing the trails terribly :( 
BUT on the plus we are going to be guiding in November, so the count down is on to return to work and get Ian's guiding hat back on so he can smile again :)

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