Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Exciting and much warmer days and nights.

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Sorry I meant to finish my previous blog two days ago, but due to my previous blog I have been grounded. Ian doesn't have a sense of humour at times and so I was put to work. Work has always been really fun because it has involved cycling, training, breathing the fresh mountain air. But not this time, my holiday off from guiding, training and breathing the fresh mountain air has been to learn a thing or two about building. I have hammered nails, I have put insulation up, I have varnished and painted walls....I have even learnt a new swear word or two as there have been a few sore Potter moments, especially when Ian tried to knock himself out on the wooden beam. I haven't breathed fresh mountain air for almost two days now since being grounded as Ian decided no weekend for Mrs P, instead let's put her to work. There has been so much plaster dust in the air after we, or perhaps I should say Ian sanded....it's a harsh life :) Well I was still helping and giving Ian moral support. But at long last I can reveal my exciting news....Our room has almost been born, we have almost finished the loft after 6 weeks of working on it day and night. Now instead of freezing our little toes off as all warmth disappeared out of the ceiling, we now have an insulated room. Our house has been sooooooooooooooo cold that we were opening all the windows and doors to let warm air in, how weird is that. In Australia where I grew up we opened all the windows and doors to let cool air in. Anyway I will be back with the almost finished product soon, and then from now on I will be ranting and raving about all my training rides, biking adventures and guiding which I'm so pleased to say starts again very soon.....I'm first to admit I'm a crap builder, actually Ian is probably first to admit I'm a crap builder as I hold most building tools like a pen (bad habit from my university days) and I'm always tripping over things, even my feet. I will also have a brand new gym and AQR office in this space next week, hopefully a phone line too, as we don't have one at the moment. No longer will I be trudging 3km to the hotel for emailing duties......once we get a phone line installed there will be no shutting me up....sorry :)

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graham bird said...

Sounds like another girl I know who loves her bikes and has a builder husband Josie Dew, suggest you read her books if you get chance.