Saturday, December 20, 2008

MERRY XMAS and HAPPY 2009.....

It has been another busy couple of weeks here in Luchon for Ian and I. Would you believe I have only just started to think about Xmas. There has just been so much going on in our lives, from building work, training, organising AQR, to planning my 2009 race brain is actually in September 2009 right now as I have been organising my accommodation for the Champery world cup. Suddenly it is less than a week before Xmas, and the cards I had written weeks ago, when I decided I would be organised for Xmas, are still sitting in the bottom of my bag....sorry mum :(
Anyway right now I have a moment to think about Xmas while Atika sleeps. It's amazing how children can remind you to stop and smell the roses. I have been baby sitting Atika today (Russ and Bené's three year old future down hill mtb super star if Russ gets his way). I have destroyed cute animal figurines and have turned Mr Potato Head (That's Monsieur Potate) into mash, and best of all I have had a french lesson Atika stylee....I can't believe Atika corrected my French impersonation of Winnie the Pooh. After some very tiring playing and reading, we headed to the park to feed the ducks.
This was such an adventure. Usually I walk down the main street oblivious to the sights and sounds around me, but not today. Atika gave me her own personal tour of Luchon's main street. You don't need AQR guides for an adventure, just baby sit Atika. I made friends with loads of dogs, and jumped on every pavement crack Atika could find. I fed the bear statue, and learnt a new walk. I think Atika was playing a game called walk as slowly as you can or she was just trying to walk and do the splits at the same time. Then I discovered Papa Noel or Santa as we say in the english speaking world. Atika's face beamed and I suddenly remembered that Xmas when I receievd my first bike from santa.... It was my beloved green machine with training wheels. I couldn't wait to ride my first bike. I jumped on it and raced down our long steep drive way.....crash.....story of my biking life really :) Darn training wheels made me fall off my bike. So I cried for some extra parental attention and a sweet, before blaming those training wheels. Dad took my training wheels off the bike, then I raced down the drive way to the joy of another big crash as I forgot to turn the handle bars and rode straight into the gutter....more tears and more sweets later and I finally got to ride my beloved green machine. That was such an ace little bike until I destroyed it....yes another big crash.
So what will Sants be bringing the Potter household in 2008...well already all my Xmas pressies have arrived as I'm back riding for Cotic Bontrager in 2009 and 2010. I have updated from my green machine to my gorgeous gold machine...well Ian and Russ have just said that my Soda is not gold, it's closer to silver, but to me it is gold and I have just told them to stop spoiling my story! Honestly those two are always picking on me, now where was I. Yes I'm really excited about my new Soda machine. Cy has told me all about it and as soon as I'm allowed I will tell you more, and include stay it's a bit top secret at the moment so that's all I can say. In the meant time don't forget to stop and smell those roses! Remember what Xmas is all about and remind yourself that you are never too old to ask Santa for your first bike :) Enjoy those trails this Xmas!
MERRY XMAS and all the best in 2009!

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