Wednesday, July 29, 2009

THANKYOU MAGURA & TROY.....My Bike Fairies came to the rescue :)

Well I'm one happy mountain biker. In my last little blog entry I was a stress mess and didn't sleep a wink on Sunday night following the race. I had no front brake lever and the local bike shops in Mont St Anne were unable to help. I knew Magura would be in Bromont on Thursday for the next round of the World Cup Series, but I had some very improtant training sessions to get through before then. What was one to do? Well I prayed for some bike fairies to leave a brake on my door step the next morning and to my surprise this was almost what happened.
I contacted Cy from Cotic, Tony from Magura UK, plus Jude and Jeff from Magura USA.....and by 9am that morning I was just about sorted. I don't think Troy the Cannondale Team mechanic would appreciate if I called him my Fairy Godmother, so let's just say he was my mechanic in shining armour or rather shining overalls who came to the rescue. Jude put me in contact with Troy who on the phone casually said come down to the course anytime he would be there all day. He sounded very casual, so I wasn't too sure if he realised the extent of damage I had done to my brake. I'm also yet to pass AQR mechanical training school, it's hard when your husband is the teacher and tries to teach you something, but in my case the information goes in one ear and out the other.....I'm been told it is a husband/wife thing:) So I was a bit concerned he may have the part I needed and a bleeding kit....but I wouldn't know quite what to do with all the fancy bits.
I was a bit nervous when I met Troy as the Cannondale Tent was huge and very professional. I didn't want to be a nuisance, but when I met Troy he went out of his way to put me right at ease. There were endless offers of food, coke, coffee, tea....a seat, while he looked over the brake. I reminded Troy that he was doing me the favour and if he needed a drink or any food then I would look after him not the other way round. Troy was star and out of his own spares he gave me a new front brake. Troy then bled the brake, and I also had a mechanical lesson so next time I will be able to bleed my own brakes. He then gave me some new grips and fit them for me. He made little adjustements here and there and before I knew it my bike was ready to roll or rather ready to stop.
I can't thank Magura enough for going to so much trouble to help me. even before this little mechanical disaster during the race Jude from Magura USA spent so much time ensuring both the brakes and forks were working perfectly. I also had a couple of mechanical lessons off Jude, and even know a fancy thing or two to teach Ian now when I return to Luchon. I am so grateful to everyone who helped me last week and on Sunday night/Monday morning.
Also a huge thankyou to Troy the Team Cannondale mechanic and Magura fan also, who went to so much trouble to help me out and gave up his spares so that I had a bike to ride this week. Thankyou so much....I have always believed in what comes around goes around and I hope I can help you out in the future.
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