Sunday, July 26, 2009

World Cup 5....a mechanical nightmare.

Well I reckon all my mechanical bad luck should be over after todays performance. Worst weather I have raced in for a long time on one of the more technical world cup courses I have raced. Every section was rideable in practice, but rain, roots and rocks don't mix especially when the mud made everything greasy slick. I was on good form, in fact better than I expected as I was feeling a bit dopey tired on the start line. But managed to make some pleasing passing manouvres to be behind some well known names on the circuit. But 500m after thinking that this was going to be a good day I heard a 'bang', followed by a bang on the head as my tyre burped big time and I went over the handle bars. I then experienced my worst nightmare as bodies and bikes ran over me. Then I had the company of the motor bike man, who if you hear behind you then you know it's time to get a move on or risk being pulled out early. I remained in control with only a few stressful breaths as I was struggling to open the saddle bag to get my air canister. I decided to risk adding air to the tyre rather than chaning it completely as I was certain it was only a burp and not an actual puncture. I was back on the bike and pretty fired up to catch a rider or two. It was a tad lonely and a bit scary with just the motor bike revving his engine behind me, but finally I spotted riders and started to overtake them. I was riidng well, much better than the day before when I was riding like a spanner. But then gears started playing up and I was not able to put down as much power as I wanted to. I just had to put up with it and continued on. The course became slipperier and slipperier and I was riding cautiously as I knew I could finish without being lapped now and that was my priority. But it was not my lucky day and the mud Gods ensured I would be challenged on what was already a very challenging course. I broke my front brake lever....AGHHHHHH!!!!!! So it was ride, run and slip on my butt for the most part down the descents, which were tricker enough with two brakes, let alone only one. I kept catching riders, only to then see them fly down the descents while I ran. I kept saying to myself that this was good training for cyclocross this winter....but in truth I had good legs, better balance than yesterday and now that it has sunk in I'm truly gutted. I was pleased when I crossed the finish line in 44th or was it 45th, I can't remember now, so at least some points to add to the UCI bank balance. But now my next challenge begins as I search for a brake. Would you believe not one local bike shop has a brake I can buy. Magura USA had left already, but hopefully I can get in contact with them soon......but I want to ride my bike by Tuesday as I'm determined to race hard and have a better race next weekend. Right rant over as I need food, bed and a brake if anyone can miraculously make one appear on my doorstep tomorrow morning.....right lever if any bike fairies are out there :)
Cheerios for now

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mike.j1958 said...

Hi Kate, sorry that we didnt see you before you left. Good luck in the states and Canada and better luck next time out on the bike. What a day you had!!

Mike & Annette

Kelvin said...

Bad luck Kate. Onwards...

cy@cotic said...

Brilliant effort in tough conditions Kate. Just pin it in Bromont!!