Friday, July 24, 2009

World Cup 5, Mont St Anne, Canada Update.

I'm here!!!!!!!! I actually feel like I'm still in Luchon. The trails are very similar and scenery is stunning. Everybody I have encountered speaks french, so I have been practising alot and have already met some awesome people who have made my trip stress free. Although as all Potter adventures go there is always a little hiccup along the way. Before I had even landed in Montreal and hit the track I managed to stumble over my big toe at Heathrow Airport and twist my knee out of place....AGHHHHHH!!!!! I have been so ridiculously careful with every aspect of training, recovery and my lifestyle so that I would be in good form for this race that I was in no laughing mood as I stumbled to my gate.
My knee problem is an old dislocation injury I suffered about 6 years ago when I decided to stop myself with my leg as I attempted riding off the trail and down a rather steep, almost sheer drop. I was told no walking or riding a bike for 8 weeks, but I knew best and walked on crutches from the top of Chamonix Valley in the Alps to the main town to use the pool....what was a 2-3hr walk for most people took me about 5-6hrs. I was so determined to move and not sit still that I was back on the bike 2 weeks later guiding.....well actually I had to guide as Ian broke his wrist.....yes we inspired confidence in all our guests when they stepped off the plane and found one guide with a plastered arm and the other with a leg brace :) . Anyway a mtb guide's wages does not pay for fancy physio or extra care, so I just put up with the pain and over time it healed.....BUT it took time to return to full strength. I had alot of set backs as every now and then it popped out of place and I would be back to square one.
I have worked really hard for two years to get my knee back to full strength and with the help of Jenny Herron my physio and Neil Ross my coach I haven't had any knee issues for ages. So I was gutted when it happened. I kept my knee moving though as I find the worst thing I can do is stop moving. When I arrived for my first training session it had loosened up, but it still felt out of place, so wasn't too sure if I would get through the hard intervals Coach Ross had planned for us all on our first day on course. Luckily I'm the clumbsiest person I know and stacked it big time on a rocky corner, landing on my leg and to my joy my knee clicked back into place....YAYAYAYAY!!!! So I'm all smiles again now, only a tad brusied as I have tasted dirt a few times and slipped off plenty of roots....It's all really good fun though and I will have more details tomorrow and if you are lucky a picture or two.
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