Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in Training....on the mountain slopes.

My rest week was over pretty quickly and now I'm back into plenty of exercise hours in the mountain air. I'm loving winter!!!!! I know I used to complain about the cold in the UK, but here in Luchon it is unlike any winter I have ever experienced. For starters there is sunshine and snow at the same time. There are never any dreary grey days, and I have discovered snow showing. I love this sport so much. You can walk just about anywhere and the views are sensational. Neil (my coach) says you use the same muscle groups as you do cycling, so I'm totally stoked as I can choose whether I want to go cycling for 5-6hrs or go snow shoeing....I'm loving variety. Only problem is I hate making decisions, so sometimes it takes me a while to actually choose which work out I want to do each day, as I love riding my bike too.....but the days are warming up. Soon there will be no choice but to always ride my bike and wait for next winter to come around.


graham bird said...

We have PROPER snow at the moment, I went running up on the high fells today in deep stuff, it was fantastic, and all that was needed was a good pair of fell shoes and some waterproof socks! TOTAL BLISS.

Kate Potter said...

Hey Graham, Lovely to hear from you. I won't rub it in too much, but summer has hit Luchon early. First ride in jersey and shorts today. I even had a red nose, oh wait it's always red, but I reckon I will have a tan very soon if the weather stays this way. I may see you at a cyclocross race next winter....stay in touch KPxo

graham bird said...

Summer, wow, well at least I can dream, truth is though I love running in snow so it can stay for a while. I'm sure you will be amazing at cyclocross if you give it a serious go. Have Fun, yes I know, you always do!