Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Potter's trip to the Thermal bathes

Ian and I hit the thermal bathes in Viterbo, which is where one of the Pope’s used to hang out apparently. The pool was amazing as it looked just like an olympic sized swimming pool, but it was 58 degrees. One end was very shallow where people of all ages lounged about and even looked like they were sleeping. I wanted to do laps, so I hung out down the deeper end where there were very few people. After one lap I was so hot, that I needed a few seconds out of the water to cool down. I loved this experience and I know Ian found it very relaxing as well, even in his hot pink bathing shorts that he borrowed off his dad.....if only I had a photo. Unfortunately all the photos we took inside the swimming pool do not exist as Ian forgot to put the memory card in the camera. I’m convinced he did it on purpose to ensure I didn’t take a photo of him looking ‘pretty in pink’.

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