Friday, February 6, 2009

Skills session with Mr Potter.

Well training is in full force and luckily the weather has been amazing so we have been out on the bike alot this week. Three hours riidng in the sun and playing in the leaves and the occasional section of snow. Ian has been trying to make me more spontaneous and has been taking me on some epic mountain bike adventures lately. This has involved missing out trails altogether and riding deer tracks or skipping the trail altogether and just riding where one can....there have been some pretty steep and hariy moments. Has Ian's training made me more spontaneous? Well I managed to ride what the boys call the 'wall of death' the other day. It is a section of trail that suddenly ends. You either ride what is left of the bank or look at it for a very long time and be called a wimp. Ian made me ride in front of him and he said if I chicken out he will simply ride into me. Well it worked and I rode the 'wall of death'. Unfortunately though I stopped too soon on the other side of the wall (jumping for joy because I made it alive), which meant Ian was forced to ride into my back wheel. He rebounded off my back wheel and off the trail altogether....lucky there are plenty of trees to hug in Luchon, hey love?

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